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Inside Info: a Hull fan's perspective

The latest installment of Inside Info as Southampton travel up to Hull for the Barclays Premier League clash.

Alex Livesey

Southampton are coming off two great wins over Stoke City; both home and away. Ronald Koeman's men will be looking to continue this trend by recording a third win in the space of seven days. We speak to Hull fan Steve McGeown to get his thoughts ahead of today's game.

St. Mary's Musings: How do you feel your season has went so far?

SMG: I feel like our season has went well so far, though we have a bit of a reputation of being draw specialists at the moment. Still, with only two losses we are looking good in the top half of the table.

SMM: What were your season expectations before it started and have they changed since?

SMG: All I wanted was a good run in Europe and a vast improvement in last years league finishing! Obviously, the first one is a no-go now. I'm hoping the second expectation can be realised.

SMM: Are you disappointed about Hull's European adventure ending so quickly?

SMG: Yes very. Qualifying for the group stages should have been a target. I've missed out on an expensive Euro trip which is disappointing! A small positive side to this is we can now focus on the league as we have seen so many teams struggle balancing both the Europa League and the Premier League in recent years.

SMM: How well do you think Hull bought over the summer? Has anyone caught your eye?

SMG: Steve Bruce has made some very shrewd signings over the summer. Among other things, Bruce has really impressed me in that department. Robertson, Diame and Hernandez have all impressed me so far.

SMM: How do you rate the job Steve Bruce has done so far?

SMG: I'd give Bruce 7/10 for his current performance and 8/10 for summer signings.

SMM: What do you think of your owners? The whole name change thing sounds ridiculous to a neutral fan.

SMG: The club's owners have invested good money in the club with a record signing to boot! That's despite the ongoing dispute regarding the club name change. But, he is still publicly chucking his toys out the pram over the name change which doesn't look good for him or the club. Ridiculous!

SMM: If you can buy any one Saints player, who would it be and why?

SMG: Tadic is a great player so maybe him or Pelle. Not Shane Long (haha)! At least he finally scored on Wednesday for you lot.

SMM: If you can sell any one Hull player from your starting XI, who would it be and why?

SMG: I wouldn't sell anyone from our starting XI. What a question!

SMM: What are your predictions for the game?

SMG: 2-1 to Hull for their third win of the season.