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Why Not Us?

The media are still doubting Southampton's top four credentials. A Saints fan from across the pond questions why that is still the case.

David Cannon

To borrow a phrase from Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks, why not us? The season for Southampton and the fans so far has been a dream come true.

Finally, media and pundits are starting to believe that the Saints might have a legitimate shot for a top four finish, and the very least a spot in the Europa League. It's still early, comparisons to last seasons rise and fall are well documented. But this isn't Pochettino's team, its Koeman's team and his influence can be felt dramatically.

Consistency has been the overarching theme to Koeman's squad, something the rest of the Premier League has sorely lacked.

Outside of Chelsea, not one team can say with confidence that they'll have a spot in the top four and the results prove it. Manchester City struggling at home against a floundering QPR is a prime example of how dysfunctional the top clubs have been against their competition this season. While Southampton has consistently defeated teams since their Capital One Cup victory over Millwall, with the outlier a 1-0 loss at White Hart Lane to Tottenham. Most teams who aren't perennial contenders for the Premier League don't know how to handle winning.

Last year's Saints proved that after a strong start, they weren't able to continue success. This season, Koeman's crew have not shown any reason why they can't sustain this success, with their defense play being the key this season.

Continual success throughout a season needs depth. Injuries will happen this season, it's inevitable, but If Graziano Pellè goes down to injury how will the Saints win?

As wonderful as Pellè has been this season he's only accounted for 30% of Southampton's goals. For comparisons sake, Sergio Aguero accounts for 54% of Manchester City's goals. Also Alexis Sanchez accounts for 44% of Arsenal's goals. Finally Diego Costa accounts for only 37% of Chelsea's goals. If Manchester City or Arsenal lose Aguero, or Sanchez, they lose half of their offensive output. If Southampton or Chelsea lose Pellè or Costa to injury, they can count on talent around them to score, yes they lose their playmaker, but the blow wouldn't be as devastating as it would be to City or Arsenal.

The fact that Shane Long, can come off the bench and lift Southampton to victory, when the team had struggled placing shots on goal, is a comforting thought for the future.

The Transfer window in January could make or break Southampton's season. With the prospect of Jay Rodriguez leaving for Tottenham, a replacement at striker will be needed to add depth. The probability that the Saints bring in another striker is high, with the rumors of interest in Harry Kane and Paulo Dybala it seems the team is focusing on areas of need - something many EPL teams could learn from.

The additions of Toby Alderweireld and Ryan Bertrand on loan have solidified the Saints defense. The exciting aspect of these loan deals is that Southampton will have the option to buy both Bertrand and Alderweireld at the end of their loans. With Bertrand going for about 17 million, roughly half of what the Saints received for Luke Shaw from Manchester United.

Will the Saints be in the top four? Nobody knows, It's still too early to tell. But right now with the consistent product the club puts on the field, it begs the question. Why not us?