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Saints' Rallying Cry: "We March On"

If this video hasn't got you Saints fans fired up, nothing will.

Steve Bardens

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There's no question Southampton's media team have been very busy over the summer.

The exodus of former Saints stalwarts. The influx of new talent. There was no such thing as a dull day at Southampton in the last few months; no matter how depressing.

The club's media team have outdone themselves again with an inspiring rallying-cry video to get all Saints fans behind the team for the 2014/15 Premier League season.

Could it be deemed as a bit corny from outsiders? Maybe.

Still, I think it's great. After a summer of transition and the ridiculous anti-Saints bile conjured up by the English football press, it's quite nice to feel proud about the club we've seen rise through the leagues, doing things the right way. That feeling of Southampton pride has become a bit of a novelty.

Also, there is a great not-so-subtle dig at the regular suitors of Southampton's youth academy, who siphon any Saints-bred players who show a morsel of talent. "We don't buy success. We make it." Too right.

I'm looking at you, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and the like.