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Prediction league: A trip to the bridge

Harry Engels/Getty Images

As with most articles involving Chelsea, this one will start by talking about Mourinho. He is not having a good time of it at the moment and anything but a win against a travel weary saints side will leave dark thoughts in the special one's head over the international break.

When he's happy the press love him because he is box office, when he is unhappy they love him even more because articles write themselves and it gives journos a chance to talk about anything other than the beautiful game. Today rather than previews of what could be a fascinating tactical battle we read articles about a rat in the Chelsea camp.

While the saints haven't exactly had a rollicking start to the 2015/16 season, Chelsea have had a nightmare. That is to say they sit one point behind us in the table.

A quick look at the stats suggest the saints being above the blues is no fluke. In fact the numbers say the saints have been unlucky. If you are going to score goals in football you need shots on target and Koeman's men are only second to Man City in out shooting their opponents, while Chelsea are down in 7th place. Meanwhile the one area saints have been awful this year is save percentage. Currently sitting at a league worst 47.1%. The league is still young and this number will regress to a less hideous percentage and with it Southampton might pick up that elusive away victory.

Perhaps not this week though;

Saints are outsiders for this one at 21/5. With Chelsea at 5/6. The draw is available at 14/5.

Even taking into account the circumstances its interesting the bookies aren't too confident of a Chelsea victory.

Here are the current prediction standings:

Jake 4
Merse 4
Connor 3
Dan 2
George 2
Lawro 2
Will 0

It is one thing all football fans of any allegiance in common, we laugh at Lawrenson's terrible predictions. Until I get above him in this table I will no longer mock the great moustacheod one. I blame small sample sizes for my poor showing thus far.

So can we beat Chelsea?:

Lawro: 2-1
"Because they are at home, and because Southampton are not back at the level they reached last season, I am going to go for a Chelsea win - but they need to show some more improvement."

Merse: 3-1
"I expect them(Chelsea) to turn the corner in what is a must-win game before the international break."

Jake: 2-0
"I'm going to go for 2-0 Chelsea. They're poor at the moment but that bad run of form has got to come to a proper halt at some point, surely?"

Connor: 1-1
"I managed to call 3-1 last week, and this time I'm going with 1-1."

Dan: 1-2
"Tadic and Mane to school Ivanovic and van Dijk to out-muscle (recalled) Terry at a set piece."

George: 2-2
"Saints gave a more solid performance against Swansea than Man Utd, but Chelsea are far more likely to punish sloppy errors. Hopefully will mean a share of the spoils!"

Will: 1-0
"Last season Mane and Long caused all sorts of issues against a Chelsea side that was vastly superior to this one. But it is away from home and I fear we may get Falcao-ed. "

Rules are one point for a correct result, three for a correct score.