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Southampton legend Rickie Lambert was in Paris during horrific attacks

Concern for the welfare of the Lambert family was so large, Sir Rickie's current club West Brom had to get in touch to ensure they were alive and well.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Rickie Lambert and his family were present in Paris on Friday as terrorists attacked the French capital.

The Southampton favourite was taking some time away from England during the international break and opted to go to Paris to unwind with his family.

However, Paris was under siege on Friday night and West Brom fans, who had heard of his trip abroad, raised concerns about the wellbeing and whereabouts of Lambert and his family due to him being one of the few footballers to not have any social media accounts.

This prompted West Brom to get in contact with the big striker to reassure worrying fans and confirm the Lambert family's safety.

Rickie's wife Amy also took to social media to alleviate any fears:

We at St. Mary's Musings would like to extend our condolences to France and the people suffering as a direct result of the atrocities that took place in Paris on Friday night.