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Southampton to subsidise away tickets for West Ham and Norwich City games

Southampton have shown some festive cheer by helping out their fans by slashing ticket prices by 50% for two away games during the Christmas period.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Southampton today announced they will be helping out their fans, skint from the Christmas holidays, by slashing the tickets for away games at West Ham and Norwich City.

With Saints' trips to the Hammers taking place on 28th December and the Canaries on the 2nd January, this is welcome news for the club's die-hard fans who travel around the UK to follow their team.

Both tickets were originally priced by the home sides at £45, so with a nice 50% discount applied Southampton fans can buy tickets for a much more reasonable £22.50.

The tickets for both games go on sale on Monday 30th November to season ticket holders who have already attended three or more domestic away games during the 2015/16 season, before chances to buy are staggered through varying criteria.