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Saints are “dangerous” – Dusan Tadic

Southampton's Serbian star Dusan Tadic has labelled his team as "dangerous" as they go five Premier League games unbeaten

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Dusan Tadic has described the Saints team as "dangerous" as they prepare for their long trip to Sunderland this weekend.

The Saints are unbeaten in seven games in all competitions after a slower start to the season compared to last campaign. However, Serbian international Tadic believes his side had to deal with a greater level of expectancy and more pressure compared to last season.

"We all think we should do better but I think until now everything is going well," Tadic told Southampton’s official YouTube channel.

"It’s too early to speak about some things, but for us it was really difficult in the beginning because everyone expects that we show the same like last year but you need time for that. I think there was a little bit more pressure but we are professionals and I think we need to deal with that."

Southampton’s front three of Tadic, Sadio Mane and Graziano Pelle has received volumes of praise and Tadic is happy with how the partnership between the trio is forming but has called for consistency.

"We know the league and each other better. We are starting to know exactly what your teammate is going to do – when he’s going to pass to you and when you’re going to pass to him. These details are really important.

"We are dangerous but the whole team I think we can be really dangerous when we play how we know we can, for example the first half against Bournemouth.

"We just need to be more consistent and play like that for the whole game. Then I think we will win a lot of Premier League games."

Saints boss Ronald Koeman openly criticised Tadic about working too hard last season but, even though the forward has taken the advice of resting more, he still enjoys being the last player out on the training pitch.

"I like to stay last. This is normal, you like to do that. You feel happy when you are on the pitch because you don’t have any problems. It’s a pleasure to work what we like to do.

"I start to work a little bit less and try to take more rest. I think this is really important because we have a lot of games."

Southampton face Sunderland on Saturday and Ronald Koeman is scheduled to speak to the media ahead of the Premier League match tomorrow.