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Prediction League: Return of the Poch 2

Also returning: Toby, Paul Mitchell, a bid for Wanyama and that annoying bald bloke who used to do the pre-match announcements.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Lads, it's Tottenham.

That is all.

To the predictions:

Just Lawrenson and myself predicted a defeat last time out. George is now alone at the foot of the table, the Aston Villa of predictions.

Jake 9
Dan 8
Lawro 7
Merse 7
Connor 6
Will 4
George 3

Lawro: 2-1

"Southampton have only taken one point from their last four league games, and this is not the first time they have gone through a spell where they do not look like scoring."

Merse: 1-1

"Southampton are in poor form. Bar a chance at the end at Selhurst Park, they were never in the game against Crystal Palace last week."

Jake: 1-2

"I don't see any way Saints win this game. I predict a heartbreaking 1-2 loss for Ronald Koeman's men."

Connor: 1-2

"Saints to lose 2-1, after taking the lead."

George: 0-2

"Not quite Liverpool's raid but like the cup game the other week, can see this ending in defeat."

Will: 1-3

"This one ain't going to be pretty!"

Dan: tbc



Tommy: 1-0

I'll say 1-0 Saints. Ronald Koeman's men win a big one to give a bit of boost to their form."