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Guly in America

Guilherme Do Prado has decided to take his samba assassin talents stateside for 2015 and the Guly show began in LA on Friday.

Guly was a cult hero for many saints fans. Coming to the club at its lowest ebb, he brought Brazilian flair to league one and was a popular figure in the dressing room as Southampton marched towards the top half of the premier league.

There were definitely naysayers. Those that must always find a scapegoat for dodgy results often heaped it on Guly. These uncultured fellows were merely unable to appreciate Do Prado's intoxicating brand of "pass and move(at a walking pace)" football.

The news of the Chicago Fire signing our cult hero has lead to an influx of support for the mighty Red Men from England's southern coast. Whilst Fire supporters in Illinois were left wondering who is this man and why do these Brits love him so much.

Well, the MLS got it's first taste of Do Prado on Friday night and the following video is the match with all the non-Guly rubbish extracted.

Apparently terrible commentating is a universal trait in football.

It was not the most auspicious start for our favourite Brazilian. Chicago fire were widely derided for their lacklustre performance at the weekend and Guly couldn't spark them into life with his late cameo.

There were signs that he could prosper in MLS though. The match was played at half the pace of your average premier league game which will suit his ambling style. And he did have a few decent touches. I might be clutching at straws here.

Next up for the Fire is a potentially easier game against the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday 10pm.

Godspeed Guly.