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Prediction League: The theatre of dreamzzzzzz

Old Trafford used to be nicknamed the theatre of dreams because of the ambitions it fulfilled. Now its because the only chance of seeing a first half goal is if you fall asleep and dream it.

Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Saints have been a weird team this season. Just as they start to hit a groove and get a reputation for something they immediately exhibit the opposite characteristics.

Away form is a good example of this. To start the season Koeman's boys went six games undefeated on the road. Then, as this reputation started to build, four straight away losses.

Much has changed since the last away game at Norwich though. The squad seems to be the healthiest its been all season and two dominant home performances coupled with a star signing have boosted spirits. Koeman's main dilemma now is who to start in midfield with Wanyama, Clasie, Romeu and Ward-Prowse all having equally compelling arguments that they should play.

This has not always been the case this season. For months the team has missed Schneiderlin's presence and noone seemed to be making his vacant position their own. Away at Old Trafford, Ron might opt for the ultra defensive Romeu-Wanyama combo.

Meanwhile, in united land it seems many of their fans are missing the point of Morgan Schneiderlin. He's the best defensive midfielder in the league. When he plays they barely ever concede.

To the predictions:

Everyone predicted a saints win last week. No one thought we would score three goals though!

Connor 14
Jake 12
Merse 12
Dan 11
George 10
Lawro 10
Will 6
Tommy 2

Merse: 2-1
"Sooner or later united are going to play well and when they do teams are going to be in trouble."

Lawro: 2-1
"Southampton tend to go on runs of good or bad results. They have won their past two games and because they have perked up a little bit I fancy them to get something at Old Trafford."

Tommy: 1-3
"1-3 Saints, it's worked the last two times so we'll stick with this prediction. Goals galore as Southampton continues their winning record!"

Dan: 1-0
"2-0 Saints. They are dour, and we now have competition for places, new energy and our slump is over."

George: 1-1
"1-1 Saints."

Connor: 1-1
"1-1! Saints to go behind and level the scores after a goalless first half."

Jake: 1-1
"I think Saints will play well and will earn a draw at Old Trafford. Long to make it 1-0 to the visitors before United score a last-minute heartbreaker."

Will: 1-0
"We will play well and lose, united stink the place out and get an annoying winner, possibly from the spot."