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Prediction League: Burnley at home

International football is thankfully over and now we have a glut of Southampton games to look forward to! Shame about the injuries

Leicester City v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

I thought I would leave the introduction to this week's predictions to a professional pundit. Everyone's favourite ball of sarcasm, Lawrenson.

He's a man who gets paid to talk about football so surely he can come up with an interesting insight into today's fixture. Maybe something the mere paying public miss when watching the beautiful game.

Here goes:

"I have been impressed by Southampton boss Claude Puel, and it looks like Saints are set for another good season.

You could say it is same old Southampton, actually. Whether they lose their manager or sell some of their best players, it does not seem to make much difference."

Well that was terrible. Just a tired cliche that has been true for years now but continously manages to dumbfound every ex-pro on TV. I don't know why I expected anything else.

Oh well, allow me to talk about this week's opponents. Burnley.

The lovable underdog. A small club doing things the right way. Avoiding the boom and bust trap that has plagued modern football, with a frugal approach in the transfer market and sticking with their talented, hard working English manager despite relegation. They are northern rogues that are tough in the tackle and good honest professionals, no play acting here. Every one is rooting for Burnley for this year.

But not me. I hate Burnley.

And it's not just because of their connections to Britain's modern day Goebbels, Alistair Campbell and his sexed up dossier.

No, thats only 90% of the reason.

The other ten percent started two seasons ago.

The clarets hosted the senior debut of a promising young saint and quickly tried to nip in the bud Jake Hesketh's career. It's taken almost two years for our own miniesta to get over the ordeal (although Koeman didn't exactly help).

They are proud to represent a by gone era of English football that is over romanticised far too often. An attitude that continues to blight our national football conscience and will forever exclude us from lifting the world cup again.


We have a new league leader! Paul eeks out a point lead after correctly predicting a draw. Not a perfect prediction though, no one really cared about him rooting for Leicester this time round.

Paul 9
Lawro 8
Jake 6
Allen 5
Merse 5
George 4
Dan V 4
Will 4
Tommy 4
Blaise 2
Dan N 2


Paul: 1-0

"Burnley will put up a decent fight, but we'll get a goal and get over the line."

Lawro: 2-0

"I think Burnley are in for another tough afternoon at St Mary's Stadium"

Jake: 2-1

"First home game I'm missing in years! Burnley to snap out run of clean sheets but Saints emerge 2-1 victors."

Enjoy the golf!

Allen: 2-0

"Burnley been held without a goal five times thus far and Austin out to prove a point having missed out on England this go around."

Merse: 2-0

"Southampton are a good team and I think some people are underestimating them. You look at their back four and they wouldn't look out of place at a club like Arsenal."


George: 2-0

"A nice comfortable 2-0 win"

Will: 3-0

"Boufal nets the third five minutes into a ten minute cameo"

Dan V: 2-1

"2-1 to us"

Dan N: 3-1

"Difficult first half but comfortable second half with Saints winning 3-1."