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Prediction League: City away

Another super Sunday for the saints. This week it might not be quite as fun.

FC Internazionale Milano v Southampton FC - UEFA Europa League Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

It's been a weird week.

A national treasure has been subjected to a witch hunt for having the temerity to show compassion towards his fellow humans. Whilst some people in power think we should be checking the teeth of children of war to see if they are old enough to be demonised as sub human scum.

Weirder still, Southampton are in Europe demolishing the mighty Internazionale 0-1 at the San Siro.

Despite all that, the oddest thing this week was the fall out from Barcelona's match against our opponents today.

Pep didn't play Sergio Aguero and the pundits lost their shit. Such great football minds as Savage, Sutton and Darren Gough (Yeap, the Yorkshire fast bowler) attacked the greatest coach in the world for his selection against his former side.

At half time the very same pundits acknowledged Barca had been off the pace in the first 45. But they failed to attribute it to the system Guardiola put in place and the virtues of having De Bruyne working tirelessly as a false nine.

It's similar to how the big teams often seem to have an off day when they are playing the saints and the media still think it's a strange coincidence. Maybe, just maybe, it might have something to do with Southampton being that rare thing, a premier league club with a consistent philosophy and gameplan.

Ulitimately a slip in the first half and a crazy moment from Bravo in the second cost City. But none of these things can be blamed on the coach or the lack of Aguero.

It does mean City are now without a win in four and Puel's men could be on the wrong end of an absolute hammering.


Damn you Mike Dean. The late Burnley penalty, for god knows what reason, cost me my chance at a first correct score of the season.

So the table stays as it was, everyone gets a point.

Paul 10
Lawro 9
Jake 7
Allen 6
Merse 6
George 5
Dan V 5
Will 5
Tommy 4
Blaise 2
Dan N 3


Merse: 2-1

"Southampton will be a threat, and will give them a really good game, but I'm going with City."

Lawro: 2-0

"I am expecting Manchester City to bounce back from their 4-0 defeat at the Nou Camp in midweek."

Dan V: 2-1

"2-1 city. A bridge too far with a couple of injuries and Tadic playing too many games currently"

Dan N: 3-1

"I believe both teams will be reeling from extremely tough matches, this could get a bit sloppy. Perhaps a few lineup changes on both sides. City walk out of there 2-0."

Blaise: 2-0

"I believe both teams will be reeling from extremely tough matches, this could get a bit sloppy. Perhaps a few lineup changes on both sides. City walk out of there 2-0."

Paul: 3-1

"3-1 City. We've done well up till now, but city are really fucking good. They've dropped some points recently, and I don't think they'll get much from their midweek game. They'll have a statement to make. No stopping that."

Jake: 2-0

"2-0 City. Pep and his boys get over a midweek battering at the hands of Barcelona with a comfortable 2-0 win over Saints."

George: 2-0

"Think Manchester City will do us to be honest, but think it'll be 2-0 with them scoring a late goal to seal it"

Allen: 3-0

"City will be looking to right a few of their negative results as of a late and unfortunately Saints will be in the way."

Will: 3-1

"City might still be behind Europe's elite but they are by far the best team on this island"