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Prediction League: Liverpool at home

Another season, another player returns to be booed by his former fans.

Hull City v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Football fandom is a double edged sword. It brings added excitement and passion to the sport making it the all encompassing past time we all enjoy. But the joy also brings with it hatred.

Liverpool are a wonderful club with an incredible history and they have a genuinely lovable manager who plays exciting football.

But, as saints fans we have to hate them.

Liverpool are top of the table. Mane, who often struggled under Koeman, fits perfectly into Klopp's system. Lallana is back to the form he showed as saints captain and watching Clyne always reminds us how poor are right back options now look. Even Dejan is looking half decent again.

This could be tricky.


The loss to Hull was a real shock. Lawrenson picked a draw but everyone else assumed it was an away banker.

So no change to the table.


Merse: 1-3

"Three weeks ago this looked like a difficult game, and all of a sudden it doesn't now."

Lawro: 1-2

"Southampton's form has dipped a bit in the past few weeks"

Jake: 2-3

"Can't see Saints winning this one, I'm afraid!"

Will: 0-3

"Clattenburg is in charge for this one. 3-0 Liverpool"

Allen: 0-2

"Mane to bag the goals to add salt to the wounds."

Blaise: 0-2

"Not gonna be any magic this week. a 2-0 drubbing"

George: 0-3

"Liverpool are on fire, and I can't see Saints stopping that if I'm honest."

Dan V: 2-2

"2-2 Lallana and Coutinho (hopefully) out and we have rested a few important players this week. Big, big week ahead for us."