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Prediction League: Spurs at home

Saints are getting royally screwed this christmas. How many points can our boys take from 3 games in 6 days?

AFC. Bournemouth v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Usually this is the point I get lazy like a tabloid hack and write a piece about Mr X returning to the south coast.

Today's returnee is a certain Argentinian manager and so what would normally follow is a few gushing paragraphs about my unrequited love for the high press. No one wants to read that again and this year I think I'm finally starting to get over him.

So in its stead: I present to you a video.

In this video the part of Southampton football club is being played by Eric Cartman. The premier league is Cartman's mum and God is sky TV. Cartman is unhappy about his mum and God conspiring to give our boys 3 sodding games in 6 bloody days.

Any injury sustained between now and January 2nd should be billed to the expert phone hacker Rupert Murdoch. Hopefully it will be enough to buy Berahino.

The Standings

Lawro 14
Will 12
Paul 10
Allen 10
Jake 8
Merse 8
George 7
Dan V 6
Tommy 4
Dan N 3
Blaise 3


Lawro: 0-2

Saints will be a test for Tottenham on Mauricio Pochettino's return to his old club, but his Spurs side have won their past two games and I just get the impression that they might just go on a bit of a run again now.

Merse: 1-2

It was good to see Jay Rodriguez back among the goals but I'm not sure about Southampton. I fancy Spurs to win at St. Mary's draws are simply no good to them.

Paul: 1-1

I'm feeling some festive optimism.

George: 1-1

Pretty hard to beat at home, with Chelsea so far the only ones to do it, but can't see us beating Tottenham. A solid 1-1 draw, IMO.

Dan V: 1-1

Also think we'll sneak a draw for some unbeknown reason.

Allen: 1-2

I'll be positive ... Lose 2-1 but feel we deserved more out of it.

Will: 0-1

Spurs are playing a bit like the saints did under Poch. Dominate but never actually create decent chances. Today Eriksen will ping one in from 30 yards.