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Romeu Could Win Starting Job With Wanyama Out

Could Victor Wanyama find himself as the backup when he comes back from suspension?

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Victor Wanyama was suspended five games after his 3rd red card of the season this past weekend. The surprisingly impressive Oriol Romeu is projected to be the man to replace Wanyama throughout the suspension, and if he's lucky and impressive, could find himself as the first choice player for the rest of the season.

When Oriol Romeu joined in August, he looked like a quality young player that was added to create some much needed squad depth for a possible Europa League run. He was only expected to play behind Victor Wanyama and Jordy Clasie, and some hoped that Harrison Reed would even see first team action.

However, Oriol Romeu has made 22 appearances this season including multiple starts. Romeu has been well worth the money spent on him, and has impressed in the majority of his appearances. In fact, we ran a poll on our Twitter account asking "Wanyama or Romeu?" where we saw a response from over 200 voters in which 90% of voters chose Oriol Romeu.

It has always been my opinion that Oriol Romeu is the future defensive midfielder of the club, and that he could do anything that Victor Wanyama does without skipping a beat. Through these next five games, you could be watching a player grow. You could be watching a player who is turning into a star of the future for this club. These next five games are a huge audition for Oriol Romeu, and it might be the last audition he needs.

Five games from now, I don't think you'll be worrying too much about a possible departure of Victor Wanyama in the Summer. We've already got his replacement.