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Prediction League: Arsenal Away

Can the saints extend their three game winning streak?

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Ronald Koeman's record against Arsenal is pretty good. Won three lost one. The two clubs recent league form also favours the saints. Our boys are on a three game winning streak whilst Arsenal have failed to beat Chelsea, Stoke and Liverpool in the same time.

Arsenal still list this match as a category C game. Good news for our away fans as it costs £26 compared to £68 the more illustrious teams pay. Can't help but feel a little insulted that we are still grouped with the likes of Norwich and Bournemouth in their eyes.

After some confusion, it seems Mertersacker can play, whether he will is undecided after the shocker he had at St Mary's and against Diego Costa. Saints, inactive at the end of the transfer window, will look to repeat the old Trafford success with the same personnel available to big Ron.

To the predictions:

Not much change in the prediction table as Dan and Tommy were the only people who beloved we could win at Old Trafford.

Connor 14
Dan 12
Jake 12
Merse 12
George 10
Lawro 10
Will 6
Tommy 3

Merse: 3-1
"This one is a potential banana skin for Arsenal but having Sanchez back is a real boost."

Lawro: 2-0
"If they play with two strikers at the Emirates Stadium, I only see one outcome. Arsenal to win."

Tommy: 0-3
"3-0 Saints, Austin hat trick!"

George: 2-1
"Going to go for an Arsenal 2-1 win."

Dan: 2-1
"Going to go for an Arsenal 2-1 win."

Jake: 1-0
""I think Per Mertesacker's suspension is a bad thing for Saints and we won't enjoy a slow Arsenal defence like last time around. Arsenal nick a jammy 1-0 win"

Connor: 1-1
"This will be a draw. 1-1"

Will: 2-1
"Sanchez is back which is a worry. The return of Coquelin is more important though. He gives their side balance and we won't be able to make them look silly like last time"