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Race to the record: Twelve games to go

Last season Ronald Koeman managed to fire the saints to their best ever premier league points total. Five wins in six means this year's squad now have a chance to finish even higher.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

On August twenty seventh an abject saints side had their europa league adventure ended before it had a chance to begin. In a Danish monsoon the season's squib looked to be so severely dampened that to talk about a race to the 60 point record seemed farcical.

The league form wasn't much better than what we witnessed against Midtjylland.


After some early wobbles our boys found some form. Unbeaten in eight games. I fired up my "race to the record" graph aaaaand it still looked bad but we could go on a run. Avoid last season's December slump and we could catch up.


No a sustained sucking ensued.

Then something miraculous happened, the season got a whole lot brighter. We smashed Arsenal four to nil. A result to kick start the season. Nope. It was a false down and two criminal away defeats followed.


Now comes the unsustainably great form we are currently in. It leaves us six points behind last year's squad. A stinking run of form meant we ended last season getting just 12 points from 36 available.

What if saints did manage to sustain this unsustainably brilliant form? We could finish as high as fifth!

So here are the current standings:


It seems that the season is following the same pattern as last year. And as such we can expect our good run to end soon as the campaign slowly peters out to a disappointing, European-less, end.

Come on 2015-16 squad! Show Nathanial, Morgan, Toby and the other 2014-15 bastards how to kick a ball around a field.