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Koeman- Bournemouth staying up is great for South Coast

Ronald Koeman says he hopes Bournemouth will be staying up.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Our South Coast partners, AFC Bournemouth, currently sit in 15th and five points from the drop zone. While it could go either way, Ronald Koeman was asked today in his press conference if it would be good for the area if Bournemouth avoided relegation.

Koeman said that it is great for an area to have two Premier League clubs because of the atmosphere in the matches, as well as short travel to at least one away fixture. While the atmosphere seemed great in the first match earlier this year, it has been well-maintained that this is not a rivalry just yet.

In fact, most Saints fans I've talked to wish the Cherries very well, and would love for them to stay up. That is not exactly something that could be said of a certain Portsmouth side.

Ronald Koeman also talked about how well Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe has done with the team. Koeman mentioned that Bournemouth's best quality is their attacking mindset, and their ability to play the game the right way.

While no harsh words have been sent either direction prior to this fixture, this matchup has all the excitement going into Tuesday.