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Prediction League: Hammers come to town

After 45 minutes of domination, the Saints threw away a goal lead against West Ham a month ago. That was last year. In 2016 Southampton mean business.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

This stripped down edition of the prediction league is brought to you by Sky Sports. Sky Sports, "we change fixture dates and times at the last possible minute because who cares about the match going fan."

To the predictions:

No one bets on a draw! Except Connor. He extends his lead in the prediction league by another point.

Connor 15
Dan 12
Jake 12
Merse 12
George 10
Lawro 10
Will 6
Tommy 3

Merse: 2-2

Lawro: 2-1

Tommy: 2-0

George: 2-1

Dan: 2-1

Jake: 1-1

Connor: 2-0

Will: 1-0