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Prediction league: Bournemouth away

Last time we met Bournemouth they were somewhat unlucky to leave with nothing. Tonight they will be out for revenge.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

I spent a decent chunk of this weekend watching making a murderer. Upon finishing it I really should have been contemplating thoughts that would be of a spoilering nature if aired here.

Instead, all I could think about was how the hell did Atkinson miss the double foul by Cahill on Austin and then five minutes later ignore his assistant in the lead up to a goal. Koeman would have be well within his rights to do a "Roger Schmidt" and complain so vehemently that the game was suspended.

But it wasn't all the refs fault we lost.

This blog was created at the dawn of the Koeman era, and as such we haven't really had too much to complain about. Well, on Saturday I had a few gripes and they are getting aired here.

1/ 3-5-giant chasm with noone in it-2 is not a good formation. Ron gave Chelsea too much respect and eventually it resulted in a loss.

2/Pelle on for Mane was a massive mistake. I know they are both out of form but bringing on a target man destroyed any counter attacking threat. When Pelle did get the ball there was only Austin up with him. Koeman shoved his favourite player out in the firing line and I felt for Graziano at the end. The anguished cries from the crowd every time he found noone to pass to should have been directed at Koeman.

3/Second half performances. Earlier in the season we had a habit of having a barnstorming first 45 minutes, then a useless second 45. Leads against West Ham and Leicester were squandered and god knows how Bournemouth didn't stage a comeback in the reverse of this fixture. Squandering leads was a Pochettino trait at Southampton. Koeman seemed to be immune to the problem last season. Lets hope he hasn't picked up the habit.

4/We missed Wanyama. I know a lot of saints fans dislike Big Vic now that his head has been "turned" but "you don't know what you've got till its gone" is a song that is relevant and now stuck in my head. And its the Janet Jackson version unfortunately.

Oh yeah, saints play Bournemouth tonight. Lets hope the above musings are rendered redundant by a free flowing 4-3-3 display, with a second half Pelle hat trick and the FA somehow come to their senses quash the remainder of Wanyama's ludicrous ban.

To the predictions:

Connor does a Leicester, cementing his multi point dominance over the league.

Connor 19
Jake 16
Merse 15
Dan 15
George 15
Lawro 12
Will 10
Tommy 4
Paul 3

Merse: 1-1
"Bournemouth are such a weird team to predict. I watch them and they play good football, they pass the ball nicely and they create chances - and yet they are down the bottom of the table. I think they can end up with a draw from this game."

Lawro: 2-1
"I just fancy Bournemouth to edge it. The Cherries got a good draw at Watford on Saturday and, although they did not score in that game, they always test the opposition goalkeeper."

Tommy: 1-2
"Think the boys will get back on track!"

Dan: 0-3
"We will be angry and Bournemouth are not doing well at the moment"

Connor: 0-2
"Back to keeping clean sheets. Austin to score."

George: 0-2
"0-2 Chelsea; just feel that they will be too strong for Saints. Costa and Willian to score."

Jake: 0-1
"Bournemouth will be scrapping for the win as the recent slide in form draws them closer to the relegation zone. But, I feel Saints will nick a 1-0 away win to further compound their misery."

Will: 1-2
"I'm going to stick with the gif predictions"

Paul: 1-2
" I'm going with 2-1 saints."