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Ronald Koeman: Southampton could learn a lot from Leicester City run

Southampton manager Ronald Koeman says seeing a team like Leicester fight for the title instills a new belief into his Saints side.

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Ronald Koeman says seeing Leicester City's impressive run this season will give clubs like Southampton a new-found belief that they too can fight for the title for the 2016-17 Premier League campaign.

Last season, the Saints manager led his team to threaten the big boys positioned in the top four of the league table, but the season soon fell flat and the team finished at a Premier League record seventh in the league.

Leicester, on the other hand, show no signs of letting up in their unrelenting campaign to win a historic title at the top tier of English football.

Speaking to the press, Koeman said: "The difference between Leicester this year and Southampton last year is that they have kept the level and kept the spirit.

"For us last year it was more difficult. It gives everyone a good feeling because it shows it's not all about money. And that's good to know.

"Maybe that's also good to know for the big clubs. It's a tough competition and if you are not really focused you can lose.

"There is one team showing that regular high level, and they are first in the table. Maybe we can learn from them."

Currently positioned at ninth in the table, Koeman's Southampton make the trip up to Stoke and will be hoping to recapture the form Saints showed in January/February which saw them earn five wins and one draw in six consecutive games.