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Prediction League: A trip to the Britannia

In form Stoke take on an out of sorts Saints. This could be tricky.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Pundits are very short sighted when it comes to evaluating teams. A fortnight ago Saints were geniuses vanquishing everyone in their path on their way to Europe. After three performances that can only be described as a shower of excrement the same pundits are silent. They have moved on to the next flavour of the week, Stoke.

When Forster was on his way to player of the month glory. Stoke were on a run of three 3-0 defeats. But since then wins over Bournemouth, Sunderland and Newcastle have taken them above the Saints.

To the predictions:

Once again pessimism wins the day. Tommy gets a correct scoreline and moves closer to the peloton

Connor 19
Jake 16
Merse 15
Dan 15
George 15
Lawro 13
Will 11
Tommy 7
Paul 4

Merse: 2-1
"I don't go against Stoke at home."

Lawro: 2-0
"Stoke appear to be in form... Southampton do not."

Tommy: 3-1
"3-1 Stoke"

Paul: 2-0
"2-0 Stoke"

George: 2-1
"2-1 Stoke. Saints have gone back to looking vulnerable, and without Fonte or Wanyama that looks set to continue."

Dan: 1-0
"1-0 Stoke also. Our boys are already on the beach or thinking about their summer transfers..."

Jake: 1-0
"1-0 to Stoke. I just can't see how we won't concede and we're looking toothless as ever up front."

Will: 1-0
"Shane Long is back. But I don't think that solves the Wanyama, Fonte issue."

Connor: 2-0
"Saints to lose 2-0, I fear."