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Prediction League: Liverpool the revenge game

Last time these teams met football was played, some goals were scored. Now lets never speak of it again.

Alex Morton/Getty Images

Liverpool take a lot of shots here is a graph to illustrate the fact:

Despite all the shots their goal difference has only just crept into the positive column.

Being without Sturridge for most the season may explain this away. Spending £35m on a striker that looks a lot like another £35m striker that failed miserably at the club probably hasn't helped either. But Liverpool are not far away from being a very good side. Sunday's game is worrying to me.

There is a different worry for Lawrenson this week. He doesn't expect his beloved reds to get anything from St Mary's this weekend.

This is the point where, as I fan, it is my duty to talk about him jinxing the result for us and mock his knowledge of our wonderful club.

There is a small problem, he is above me in the prediction league. This weekly article was just a slight twist on the prematch predictions we all share with our loved ones before a game. A way to prove the so called professional experts no nothing about our club.

And it's been the worst possible time to do this experiment. No side in the premier league has been as infuriatingly unpredictable as the saints this season.

All fans seem to predict more favourable outcomes for their team than is actually likely. Lawrenson is no different. If the league followed exactly his fevered imaginations then Liverpool would be 4th with 58 points. Instead they are 14 points worse off.

Inspite of this rose tinted view of Sunday's game he still thinks Koeman's men will prosper. Here's hoping.

To the predictions:

Everyone thought Stoke would win. Pelle knew better. Everyone is an idiot.

Connor 19
Jake 16
Merse 15
Dan 15
George 15
Lawro 13
Will 11
Tommy 7
Paul 4

Merse: 2-1
"Southampton have had some superb results in recent weeks. Their form has completely turned around. Liverpool will have put a lot of effort into their Europa league clash with Manchester United at Old Trafford on Thursday."

Lawro: 2-1
"Southampton are inconsistent, but they got a really good win at Stoke last week, and it would not surprise me to see them produce a really strong finish to the season."

Dan: 2-2
"... Can we do it? Sturridge/ Coutinho and Firminho getting injured tonight would help us massively (they didn't). If our season is to lead anywhere then we need to - otherwise 'they' go three points and a game in hand above us.

Tadic and Pelle back to form, Long a threat, Wanyama back with Romeu and Clasie looking good in the middle. I think we can do it, but we keep getting found out against them ever since 'he' left.

2-2 for me. Would trade a win here for anything, but can't see it happening."

George: 0-2
"2-0 Liverpool. Coutinho to finally hit the one of his hundred thunderbastard attempts into the top corner, before Sturridge taps it in from a yard on about seventy minutes. Probably breaking his arm doing that celebration of his. You know the one; looks like a impression of Mr Tickle."

Connor: 1-1
"Head says loss, but I'm going to predict that it'll be a draw. I'll go with 1-1. Lallana is going to score against us, though."

Jake: 1-2
"1-2 Liverpool. A frustrating night for Saints and I guarantee we'll end up feeling wronged after yet another poor refereeing performance."

Tommy: 2-0
"If I've learned anything about this league, it's to go against the norm, so heck with it! 2-0 Saints, VVD and Steven Davis to score."

Paul: 1-0
"1-0 saints... why not?"

Will: 2-2
"Liverpool have a lot of attacking talent and can, on their day, be incredible. Will they have their day against us. Probably. They usually do. God I hate them. They can't defend a corner though. Play JWP and VVD will get a brace. 2-2"