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Jose Fonte promises positive response from players on Saturday

After two consecutive lackluster games, captain Jose Fonte has said that the players need to "put it right" on Saturday.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Saturday should be one of the easier games of the season. Should be. However, with the last two performances, fans have reason to be a little more nervous going into a matchup with Sunderland this weekend.

Jose Fonte doesn't want fans to worry however, as he has called on his teammates to right the ship and get back to the positive play that they displayed from late January to mid-February. After last night's loss to Bournemouth, Fonte spoke to reporters.

"They (Bournemouth) showed more desire," said the captain, who also said that this will be a good learning tool and they can immediately move on with a positive performance on Saturday.

A lot of last night's performance can also be attributed to the Cherries' play. They were very sharp and very much deserved to win the game. Fonte was respectful of their play as well, saying "Credit to them, they fought for their lives and we need to match that in football."

Saturday should be a perfect chance to regain positive form, and whether that is a 1-0 win or an 8-0, Jose Fonte has promised a positive response from the team.