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Would the return of a former Saints winger be a good signing?

Julian Finney/Getty Images

After a masterclass from Sadio Mané against Liverpool last Sunday that turned round a two-goal deficit into a 3-2 win, there is no doubt that many clubs will be looking to buy the Senegalese star.

His replacement? Well, the Mirror have reported that Saints are serious about bringing back Alex Oxlade Chamberlain from Arsenal, five years after leaving St Mary's for £11m as a 17-year-old with bags of potential.

But with injuries and not really nailing down a regular spot in the starting XI at the Emirates, we asked our writers:

Would Chamberlain be a good signing for Saints?

Jake Hughes

Yes! I have plenty of Arsenal mates who complain about his form, but he'd be a great addition to the squad.

In my opinion, his lack of form at Arsenal should be attributed to the fact Arsene Wenger plays in him a load of different positions. If we find a stable home for him in the team - whether it's midfield or on the wing - I feel he would a great signing for Southampton.

George Galpin

I'm not so sure. If you take away his club-grown status for the European squad quota, you're left with a 22-year old Arsenal back-up with one league goal this season, who is injury prone and hasn't quite hit the heights he should have. For nigh-on £20m.

But, Saints could give him regular football (injury permitting), a chance to reignite his career and would perhaps set an example for the kids coming through that the grass isn't always greener on the other side...

Tommy Scott

You'll never see me complain about a quality depth signing. Heck, I don't even complain about Cuco Martina. He could start, depending on who else we sign, but either way I think he would be a good signing for us.

Daniel Vaughan

Unconvinced. The Arsenal fans I know all rate him highly.

Why even discuss him though, he would never come back...