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Portsmouth fan to get Southampton tattoo for charity

Lifelong Portsmouth fan James Sullivan has agreed to get a Southampton tattoo if he raises £200 for Cancer Research UK

Harry Murphy/Getty Images

A die-hard Portsmouth supporter has agreed to have the Southampton emblem tattooed on his calf should he raise £200 for Cancer Research UK.

James Sullivan already has his beloved Portsmouth tattooed on his right leg. But, the charitable act of having his team's fiercest rivals inked on him came about after his daughter was diagnosed with the disease.

The £200 target is not the most outrageous sum of money to raise, so we implore Saints fans to help raise this money to both help raise money for a fantastic cause as well as embarrassing a Skate at the same time!

Sullivan said of his idea: "This may not mean anything to some people but locals to the two cities will understand what it means for a Portsmouth fan to do this.

"I was thinking of doing the fundraising and then when I saw their page, I messaged them asking if I could help.

"I said I had a few ideas but this is the one that's taken off. I went on a Saints-Pompey banter page and I was having an argument with a Saints fan when the idea came to me.

"I put it out there and I started to get a bit of interest but it's mainly Saints fans that are wanting to pay me to do it."

This is for a fantastic cause and we commend this brave Portsmouth fan for having the cojones to commit to such an idea.

To help James reach his target, please donate here.