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DAMN, DANIEL! Back at it again with the Saints muse... with Southampton's Serbian winger on the agenda this week.

After looking fairly toothless up top against Chelsea and Bournemouth, and Dušan Tadić not featuring since the 0-0 at Arsenal a month ago, we asked our writers this:

"Should Tadić play more?"

George Galpin

I'm inclined to say yes, but the question is where he fits in. In the current 3-5-2, the only place he could really play is behind the two strikers, but then he needs pace in front so that rules out playing Pellè. His best position, in my opinion, is left wing, but that means reverting to 4-3-3 and potentially losing that defensive structure. 

There's no doubt for me that's he's a hard worker, even if he doesn't run around like a headless chicken, and he adds the creativity that is desperately lacking in Koeman's more functional squad. Perhaps being a return to the 4-3-3 could be in order to face the Real Madrid manager elect, Sam Allardici...

Tommy Scott

At this point, why not? I think Tadic is very skilled and can provide a good piece. Not sure who he overtakes in the XI however. I wouldn't be opposed to even seeing a front line of Tadic, Manè and Pellè this weekend, because Dusan could certainly provide freshness and creativity into the squad.

David Williams

Long and Mane are exciting to watch. They scare the bejesus out of the opposition and create opportunities out of nothing. Unfortunately they might also be two of the least technically able footballers in the premier league. Every time a ball pings off their shin I yearn for the return of Tadic.

I love him. Yes, I know he can be frustrating. He won't shoot, and when he does finally have a crack at goal you realise why he doesn't shoot, but he is a phenomenally gifted footballer. When he first stepped onto the pitch in a saints shirt we forgot all about our weirdly bearded former captain.

Not since Riquelme have I seen someone so slow be able to beat a man with such ease. And he can thread a through ball like no other player in our squad. He utterly destroyed Sunderland last season. He must start on Saturday.

Paul Johnson

I'm all for bringing Tadic back into the side. We've hit a dip in attacking form, so why not shake it up?

Tadic is a quality player, and although at times he seems disinterested and inconsistent, I think he is extremely talented. On his day he is a nightmare.

Mane is having a poor run of form, why not bring Tadic in in his place?

Connor Armstrong

I really like Tadić, but for so long as Ronald persists with the 3-5-2, I struggle to see where he fits in. Perhaps the only place I could squeeze him into that formation is if we played an advanced midfielder in behind the front two.

Tadić isn't fast or strong, but he's technically very impressive and can carve open a defence. It might be worth giving him a go in this role, as he's definitely a player I'd be disappointed to lose. He had a field day at home against Sunderland last season, so this weekend could be the perfect game for his return.