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INSIDE INFO: Views from a Leicester City fan.

We spoke to FourFourTwo staffer and die-hard Leicester City fan Joe Brewin ahead of Southampton's visit to the King Power Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

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Afternoon all. Apologies for the Ronald Koeman scare. But, it is April Fool's Day after all.

This week we spoke to FourFourTwo writer and die-hard Leicester City fan Joe Brewin to get his take on The Foxes' incredible Premier League campaign, Southampton and why N'Golo Kante is THE man.

Please read, like, share and, most importantly, enjoy this week's edition of INSIDE INFO - the original (we're looking at you, Saints column which gets the opposition's views ahead of their match against our beloved Southampton.


St. Mary's Musings: Where do we start? I guess you could tell me all about how it feels to be a Leicester fan right now?

Joe Brewin: Bizarre, exciting... and very scary. People say there's no pressure on us at the moment because of where we've come from, but that's just not true - the prize at the end is massive, and if we don't win it from here we'll only get called bottlers. But god I'm loving it.

SMM: What did you expect of Leicester before the 2015-16 season started?

JB: Not a great deal - survival would have been OK again - but I didn't buy into the hysteria of hiring Ranieri. I predicted 14th for us, the same as last season only not leaving it so late.

SMM: Be honest. What did you think when you first heard Claudio Ranieri was going to be your manager after Nigel Pearson was axed?

JB: Don't get me wrong, I wasn't enamoured - he was something of a comedy figure in English football, and I wasn't sure how the players would react to someone like him succeeding a bloke like Nigel Pearson. He was a tough act to follow anyway - we wouldn't be close to being where we are right now without him.

I didn't like that Ranieri had a rough spell with Greece as a stick to beat him with; losing to the Faroes was just one game, and although it was hugely embarrassing I think they've gone on to show what a poor nation they are since by finishing joint-bottom of that qualifying group. They're on their third manager since Ranieri now, so that tells you something. Before that he actually had a good record domestically, despite his lack of top-flight title success.

SMM: Southampton were one of Leicester's many second-half comeback victims earlier this season. What did you make of that match?

JB: Actually, that was one I missed watching - but I definitely remember thinking we'd blown it. You don't think it's your day when goal No.2 also happens to be offside. But it was just another early example of the spirit and determination we've got in this team.

It's been like that ever since.

SMM: We've heard it's Jamie Vardy. We've also heard it's Riyad Mahrez before N'Golo Kante and Danny Drinkwater. Please settle this for us: who is Leicester's most important player and why?

JB: You hear all of these names because they're all deserving of the praise. It's a cop-out answer but they're all up there - every player's contributions have been immense.

Wes Morgan has been like a £30m centre-back all season; Robert Huth, Christian Fuchs, Marc Albrighton and Shinji Okazaki have been dependable.

There's no doubt that the others have been a step ahead, though: Danny Drinkwater deserves his England call-up, Jamie Vardy has been outstanding and Riyad Mahrez will go onto better things one day without a doubt. But I love N'Golo Kante the most - the man is incredible. I've never seen anyone run so much, nor win so much - and he's so small too.

SMM: Do you find it a bit unnerving how everyone who doesn't support Spurs or Arsenal want Leicester to win the league?

JB: I think if we didn't, they'd secretly resent us a bit! But no, not really - if it was another team in our position I'd be wanting them to do it. It's too good a story not to support in the current financial climate.

SMM: Without wanting to jinx anything, do you think Leicester City will win the Premier League?

JB: I've been trying not to jinx it all season, but I've given up now. Honestly, I think Tottenham Hotspur will because they look brilliant right now, and there will always be something inside me that thinks we're going to mess it up.

Seven games to go is still a long way, although we do have a nice points cushion. Spurs have a tough next three games, but so do we in a different way - Southampton and West Ham are both in form, and are hardly gimmes. Arsenal are not out of it. The next three could decide it.

SMM: Despite the great season you've had so far, if you could sell any player from your regular starting XI, who would it be and why?

JB: Danny Simpson is the obvious weak link, but he's been surprisingly reliable this season. Because he never gets forward it allows Mahrez in front of him to do his thing.

SMM: If you could sign any Saints player, who would it be and why?

JB: I think Graziano Pelle would improve our squad and be an upgrade on Leo Ulloa, certainly.

SMM: Who is the man us Southampton fans should look out for on Sunday?

JB: Kante, just to see what he does in the flesh. A force of nature, that lad.

SMM: Finally, what will the score be on Sunday afternoon?

JB: I'm scared. Scared because we're getting closer and that eternal pessimist inside won't leave me alone. But 1-1.