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Press Conference Roundup

Charlie Austin will be out for a week, while Steven Davis is back in the team. Other news and notes from Ronald Koeman's press conference can be found here!

After the UA-Saints announcement, the press made their way to Staplewood for Ronald Koeman's pre-Everton press conference:

  • Charlie Austin twisted knee in warmups last weekend against Newcastle. No ligament damage, but will miss a week.
  • Steven Davis is back in the squad for the weekend, which means 24 of the 25 players are still available for selection.
  • Koeman talked about communication and some rules he's put in place for the team about cellphones and music.
  • Koeman says that the UA deal is a great step forward for the club. "This shows that Southampton is growing as a club."
  • Koeman, as he's said all year, will wait until summer to begin talks on a possible contract extension with the club.
  • Koeman said that he will speak with Juanmi at the end of the season to discuss his options, pointing to his playing time being a problem because of the competition in the squad.
  • RK says Saints away form must improve to think about European qualification. "If we show better form from home, we can do it. We need to improve." He went on to say that winning both matches against Everton and Villa can go a long way in regards to Europe.
  • Koeman on away record at Everton: "It's all about how we start the game." "We lost last year 1-0, but we didn't create. It's all about attacking movements."

Just another basic press conference from Koeman, where nothing too big took light over today's earlier announcement. Southampton will find a tough opposition on Saturday, but with the squad full of confidence and good form, I see no reason why the team cannot take all three points.