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With a wild Southampton summer inevitable, our writers discuss predictions for comings and goings this time around!

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With rumors of several players leaving in the summer, we thought it was the time to predict some of our summer transfers. We discuss who will leave and maybe some players or positions we'd like to see added.

Taking over for our writer George Galpin for a couple of weeks, I posed the question:

Which player(s) do you think we'll lose in the summer? And are there any specific players you'd like to see bought by Southampton this summer?

Daniel Vaughan

Will lose Wanyama and probably Mane. Can also see Tadic and Forster leaving, although less certain. Will NOT be happy if VVD leaves.

Would like to see people like Cabaye or Oxlade in, but doubt the club will go for them. Will, no doubt, be black box bargains (and that's no bad thing).

Sigurdsson would be a great signing for us - goals from midfield - imagine that! Another CB needed, but unsure who... Other than that, a young striker being given a go will be nice.

George Galpin

Departures: Would imagine that the three of Pelle, Wanyama and Mané will depart this summer. The first two will only have one year left on their contract, and Mané will have bigger clubs circling despite what many would deem a poorer season.

Signings: Replacements for Pellè, Wanyama and Mané are a must, simply because the squad hasn't got people who can step up straight away and fill those gaps. A RB and an AM are a must for me, particularly the latter as we lack someone who can score 10 goals from midfield. I don't want to name names because it is what they do that matters, not the name.

David Williams

Sadly, Wanyama will go and our fans will finally realise how brilliant he is. Juanmi will exit and only Romeu and Gazzaniga will notice. Gaston gets a free transfer to Sevilla and ends up winning the Europa league. Pelle goes to Juve and has the time of his life, off the field.

A few youngsters will need to be moved on. Can see Dom Gape, Jack Stephens, Sam McQueen and Lloyd Isgrove leaving. McCarthy, Hesketh, Gallagher, Mugabi and Reed will stick around but need loan moves next year.

I don't think Mane has done enough to earn the big money move he desires.

New signings wise. Lets forget about Chamberlain and try and get Schneiderlin back! Wishful thinking perhaps. I wouldn't be opposed to a cheeky bid for Christian Benteke. But all I really want is a midfielder who can score goals! Play Hesketh or buy a Siggurdsson or Wijnaldum.

To solve the right back problem, how about Janmaat. We know keeps in contact with Koeman, would be very good in a proper team. He was Newcastle's best attacking threat at the beginning of the season!

Tommy Scott

Departures will be Mane, Pelle, Wanyama, Tadic, Juanmi and some various non-squad players.

It just doesn't look like it's going to work out for Juanmi here, which is a shame because of the potential many said he had. As for Pelle, hopefully it's a move home to Italy where he can finish his career.

Mane and Wanyama will get big-money moves.

Signings though, obviously another DM and a good winger. The DM should be for depth though, as I believe Oriol Romeu will be fine paired with Jordy Clasie for years to come.

We need a real attacking-midfielder, a guy who can score a few goals. Wouldn't mind poaching a player or two from Newcastle either. Like David said, I would like a RB.

What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments!