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Southampton FC accused of sexism with new baby range

Yes, you read that right and you can't blame those for making such accusations.

Southampton have sparked a sexism debate on social media today after announcing their new baby range.

That may appear innocuous enough. But, the slogan of one of the club's new, official babygrows which has earned the ire of some Saints fans.

As above, the slogan reads: "Mummy teaches me ABC. Daddy teaches me SFC."

In a time where there is an ever-increasing focus on equality within football (see the USA's women's national football team and their recent row over pay with US Soccer) - and given the fact that Southampton has an extensive, knowledgeable, female football following - this is a really sloppy error from Saints officials.

While some male Saints fans won't see what all the fuss is about, everyone should concede that the notion of women being any less knowledgeable about football/Southampton than men - so much so that they can't "teach" their children the ways of their football club - is as archaic as it is moronic.