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Kelvin Davis' Final Match Will Be Testimonial

Talking to the Daily Echo, the Saints legend has confirmed that Tuesday's testimonial will be his last, and he deserves a proper sendoff.

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

"I think as I sit here now, I feel the time is right," said Southampton club captain and Saints legend, Kelvin Davis. As you know, Kelvin Davis has been awarded a testimonial game to honor his dedication, loyalty, and accomplishments here at Southampton Football Club, and Davis has now confirmed that the testimonial match will be his last.

Playing in the match are the likes of Rickie Lambert, Jack Cork, and Dean Hammond. Others include Dan Harding, and current Saints academy coach, Radhi Jaidi. Matt Le Tissier and Rickie Lambert will be having a penalty shoot-out at halftime.

Now, to the important part: Kelvin Davis. In a time where loyalty at Southampton FC is a seemingly unknown quality, Kelvin has shown that for TEN YEARS. His testimonial is a way for you, Southampton fans, to show your gratitude for all Kelvin Davis has done for the club, and the community.

You should find any way possible to be at this testimonial match for Kelvin, to say your final goodbyes to the Saints legend, and to even show your gratitude for the promotions eleven, as well as the current team.

Tickets aren't expensive, and Kelvin's career and work for the club is invaluable. Do the right thing and send Kelvin Davis off in style.