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In an end-of-season special, our writers debate the highs and lows of Southampton's 2015-16 season.

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Just ninety minutes (plus injury time, for any pedantics...) remain for Southampton's season, but what happens this weekend could be vital in the race for Europe.

A win over FA Cup Finalists Crystal Palace, and dropped points by Manchester United at home to Bournemouth or West Ham away at Stoke, and Southampton would move up into sixth and into the final Europa League spot at present.

Going into the qualifying round would see Ronald Koeman's men into the same stage as last season, but a win for United over tomorrow opponents at Wembley next week would see Saints straight into the group stages. But instead we look back at a season of memorable highs and heart-wrenching lows.

Best game of the season?

George Galpin: The 3-2 win over Liverpool at St Marys in March.

2-0 down, Liverpool looking like they could match the six they scored in December and Saints were terrible. Sadio Mané, who hadn't scored for six months, comes on and misses a penalty within five minutes. Brilliant.

But from nowhere, Saints come from behind to win the game with two goals in the last minutes. That Pellè goal will live with me forever.

Daniel Vaughan: 3-2 Liverpool.

Don't need to explain my hate for that club. Also, turned what would have been a sad season into a strong finish, hopefully culminating in Europa League qualification. Last weekend vs Spurs also gets a shout for the same reasons.

Tommy Scott: I'll go with Saints 4 Arsenal 0 on Boxing Day.

I love beat downs and that was one, and it also featured my goal of the season.

Dan Noutch: Quite a few to choose from but I think the 3-2 win against Liverpool was the best. To come back from 2-0 down after an awful first half and win 3-2 against a rival was brilliant.

Connor Armstrong: This is a hard one, as Saints have had some great results.

The 2-1 win at White Hart Lane was pretty crucial and a special result, especially as Saints put an end to the winless run against Spurs since returning to the top flight in 2012. I'll go with the 3-2 over Liverpool though. To come from two goals down to win against Liverpool, in just 23 minutes, was just incredible.

Jake Hughes: It has to be the 3-2 comeback win against Liverpool.

The beginning of the game had all the hallmarks of our 2-0 loss at home to Liverpool last year. But, it was different this time. Wanyama and Mane's introductions really changed the game and the Saints players' heads never dropped even at 2-0 down. The comeback was fantastic and I've never heard St. Mary's roar that loud. Beautiful!

Spurs away and Vitesse away (drinking all day in the Dutch sun was fantastic!) follow closely behind.

Paul Johnson: Has to be the Liverpool game.

Coming down from 2-0 to beat them 3-2 was amazing, and it's always enjoyable to do it to a big team. We've had a lot of great games this season and that one was the pick of the bunch.

That or the Leicester game... (ED: He is joking on this one.. we hope.)

Worst game of the season?

GG: Southampton 1-6 Liverpool. Saints took the lead after one minute and dominate the game until Sturridge equalises after twenty five minutes. I need not say anymore.

DV: Liverpool battering us in the cup. Just one of those games where everything they hit went in. Quickly forgotten.

Or our awful Europa exit. A rare example of Ronald getting his tactics wrong as we played right into their hands and rightly lost the tie, meaning our terrific previous season counted for nothing.

Chance to put it right this year though...

TS: Has to be the Europa League exit.

Everything went wrong in that game, and a squad that was built for at least a group stage run in Europe saw their hopes come short.

DN: There's a few disappointing results especially against the 'lower' teams. We dropped seven points against teams that are relegated. An extra seven points would means we would be in the Champions League spots now. But the Europa League exit has the be the worst because it was such a disappointing way to go out considering the effort put in the season before.

CA: It's still that game in Denmark that haunts me. The performance against Midtjylland was flat, gutting and uninspiring. Here's hoping that the weekend's results will mean Saints get a chance to right some wrongs on the European stage.

JH: It would have to be the disappointment of losing away at FC Midtjylland. Saints' brief European dream was over and Saints never got going.

PJ: I'd say either the European exit (going out to a team I'm still learning that they actually exist was a real disappointment), or the Newcastle game at the start of the season. It set the tone that we stumbled out the gates and took a while to get going.

Player of the season?

GG: Virgil Van Dijk has been absolutely magnificent.

The biggest compliment I can pay him is that we have not missed Toby Alderweireld at all despite the Belgian being one of the best in the league. Whisper it quietly, but Van Dijk may go on to be even better.

DV: Shane Long.

Thought we overpaid when we signed him, and he still wastes a lot of chances, but, boy do I love this guy. Speed, intelligence and a bloody nuisance to any defence. How he doesn't get more free kicks and penalties is beyond me as he gets clattered every game.

He never groans when he is dropped, just works hard, won't agitate for a move away and, alongside Steven Davis, is a safe name for you to get on the back of your Saints strip. A rare thing for us given the turnover of playing staff.

TS: Virgil Van Dijk.

The defense was going to be very shaky without Schneiderlin and Alderweireld, but Virgil stepped in and has been immense. He's also signed a new contract, which makes him my favorite around these parts.

DN: It's a toss up between Shane Long and Virgil van Dijk but I think the defender edges it. He's been the perfect replacement for Toby Alderweireld. He's an absolute rock, so calm on the ball and it's been great to see him sign a new contract.

CA: Virgil van Dijk.

What a signing he's been. I can't remember seeing such an aerially dominant defender in Saints colours. He's a class act and it's superb that he's now contracted to the club until 2022.

JH: As much as I love Virgil van Dijk, it would have to be Shane Long.

He's prone to the odd match where he can't finish his dinner. But, the effort he's put in and his constant pressure on the opposition has really made him a fans' favourite at St. Mary's. He really lifts the crowd and if his finishing ability were in sync with his effort, he'd be a world beater.

I was one of those who initially hated the £12m price tag he had but he has put away plenty of important goals for us this season and he's been a real asset to Southampton this season.

PJ: Virgil has been far and away the best player in this team.

There's been others playing a supporting role (Long, Forster, Mane in patches), but Van Dijk has led from the back. Let's hope he's still there next season!

Biggest disappointment of the season?

GG: Cedric Soares. Came in for a measly £5m, but a Portuguese international and rated highly. But rumours of Koeman not fancying him aren't helped by the fact he is a breed of defender who doesn't seem like defending. Considering we bought two right-backs last summer, the fact we could arguably do with another one says a lot about how disappointing the former Sporting man has been.

DV: Tough one this. Jay Rodriguez's stunted recovery and how he gave the ball away stupidly in Europa, causing Midtjylland to score, make him a candidate... But that would be harsh given his injuries and I still love him.

Probably Mane... fantastic player, but inconsistent and I his attitude hasn't been right for most of the campaign for me. Shame, as he seemed to love being here last year...

TS: Jay Rodriguez.

I know he's been out awhile, so I'm not going in on him here, but man, as a newer Saints fan, I wanted to see the Jay Rodriguez that could've been in the last World Cup squad. Since his return though, he looks lost.

Hopefully a full healthy offseason will see him return to his old self, and that'd be like adding a new player.

DN: I've been disappointed by Sadio Mané the most.

I thought he was going to be unplayable this season but he's not reached the levels that he did last season. I hope he stays in the summer because I don't think he's good enough for a 'big' club yet and I think more time at Saints will see him pick up some more consistent form.

CA: Jay Rodriguez's delayed return to first team action. I was really hoping Jay would return at the start and go from strength-to-strength. I hope that this summer can rejuvenate him and he won't have to look back anymore as of next season.

JH: Cedric.

I don't blame Cedric for this, but why isn't he starting for Southampton? There's no way he is incompetent and error-prone as Cuco Martina and he has been brave, never shirking to put his body on the line for the cause, every time he has played for Southampton.

A close second is the lack of game time for Harrison Reed. But, for both of these cases, in Koeman we trust!

PJ: Having been shocked by Charlie Austin's arrival, I've been disappointed we didn't get to see him more often towards the end of the season.

I'd also say Jay Rod, but I was half expecting this, and I have a suspicion he will never be the player he once was, as a result of losing some pace from the injury.

Goal of the season?

GG: I still have no idea how the third choice right back making his first start in the Premier League decides to score a Michael Essien-esque worldie against an Arsenal side challenging for the title, with his first shot in the Premier League too, but Cuco Martina's goal gets better every time I see it.

DV: Cuco Martina's vs Arsenal. What a surprise result this one was! Right in the middle of our horrendous patch and our somewhat iffy RB scores a wondergoal with the outside or his boot from 30+ yards? Incredible.

TS: Easily Cuco Martina for me. His status among the fans, and his talent level, and position, all make this goal so special.

DN: You can't look passed Cuco's. What a goal. I still can't quite believe it when I see replays now. Outside of the boot from 30 yards, first time - incredible.

CA: Cuco Martina. You know the one. It just has to be, doesn't it?

JH: Easy. Cuco Martina against Arsenal.

PJ: Cuco Martina's goal was easily the best.

For me he is becoming a bit like Guly, in that he's so regularly the scapegoat despite not being quite as bad as people make out. I'm really developing a soft spot for him, and that boomer really helped.

Sum up the season using a Saints player

GG: Sadio Mané.

Inconsistent, frustrating, but the unexpected keeps you coming back for more. In the top bracket, with more consistency.

DV: Virgil van Dijk.

Yet another defence torn to shreds in the summer window, and once again Saints prosper. Started slowly, had a dip around Christmas but has been exceptional ever since. Signed a six year deal between battering City and winning at Spurs - leading to an optimistic end to the season when we were written off, again.

TS: Dusan Tadic.

Before this last run of games, Dusan has frustrated the heck out of me with a couple of his missed goal opportunities. This season is frustrating to look back on as well. Imagine if those dropped points to the lower table teams didn't happen. We'd be fighting for Champions League this weekend.

DN: Jordy Clasie.

The season started off really slowly just like Clasie's adaptation to the Premier League but since the turn of the year he's been solid, just like the team.

CA: Steven Davis.

A pretty solid season from a Saints team known for reliable top eight finishes in recent seasons. A couple of real high points (Spurs, Chelsea etc.). Very happy with how it's gone, but still something that we should be looking to improve upon.

JH: Victor Wanyama.

Slow and steady. Mostly reliable with the odd flashes of brilliance. But, there's always an underlying feeling of incompetency which has seen us throw away games or just plainly not turn up in the first place. Still, on their day, a great sight to behold.

PJ: We're just like Sadio Mane.

We're really inconsistent but on our day we are amazing. That said, I think the two largely coincide because on his day Mane is our best player, and he makes everything happen, and if we can get that to be week in week out he'll be unstoppable.

We'd like to wish good luck to our contributor Connor Armstrong, as he has joined Arsenal's communication team for the next year from June. Connor has worked incredibly hard, and this is a perfect reward for his efforts both for us and for the rest of his work. All the best!