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End of Season Player Review: Cedric

The right back position may have been the weakest part of our team, but the future may still be bright for the Portuguese international.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Coming into the season, Cedric Soares was going to be the man. He had big shoes to fill, especially after recent success of Calum Chambers and Nathaniel Clyne in the right back position. Maybe fans were expecting a bit much (shocker, right?) in hoping Cedric would gel right away and become a world class defender.

Maybe Cedric expected the same, and with little competition from Cuco Martina early on, maybe he didn't push himself enough. Either way, Cedric is still adapting to the league, and can still make a difference in this next season.

Some of Cedric's strengths are moving up with the attack, which fits the identity of Southampton's fullbacks, he also has a decent cross to him. His weaknesses are on the defensive side, which is kind of what he is supposed to be good at.

In 22 games, Cedric had no goals (which isn't a big deal), and two assists. Once Cuco Martina began to improve, and sprung on the scene, Cedric's game time went away through the latter half of the season. It does say something about Cedric's skill that he is still called up to the Portugal national team.

I believe that Cedric has a future with Southampton, but this is a big summer for him. Many fans, and others around the club, say that Saints will be looking for a RB in the summer. This is up to Cedric, who could look for a move elsewhere, or stay and fight for the #1 spot. If anything, Cedric is a good backup option for the Saints with at least six extra games this next season.


SMM Summary: A disappointment in terms of expectations, and maybe those were a bit unfair. Cedric is a good player in the attack, but lacks the defensive prowess to succeed. With a full offseason under his belt, he could still play a pivotal role for Saints next season.

Cedric was expected to do wonders, and didn't. That's okay, because he can still right the ship next season. Stay confident in this man.