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End of Season Player Review: James Ward-Prowse

JWP found himself in a bit more defensive role this season, which turned out pretty well. Let's look back on his season!

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

James Ward-Prowse signed a new contract at the end of the season, making him even more liked than he already was. The contract was big, but JWP also had a pretty good season for Saints too, so he had a good year overall at the club.

Prowsey actually found his best position to be in the defensive midfield, a position he played in for several games, even bringing in two assists while in that position. He looks a lot more comfortable at the back of the midfield, but he is also a creative player with good passing skills, so playing him at AM isn't bad.

He is a bit weak in his tackling and shooting abilities, but that has to come from practice and game-time, which he just doesn't see enough of. His crossing and set-pieces are his strength, and he finally put a free-kick in this season. With more game time, Ward-Prowse could be a very top player for the club, maybe even becoming captain one day, but improvement is needed.

Something that should be decided this season is where JWP's best position is, and continue to develop him there. If he is best-suited for DM, then he must improve aerial abilities and tackling, but if he is better for central midfield or in a more advanced role, his shooting must improve.

The biggest issue for JWP in defensive midfield would be that there's no way you can put JWP and Clasie together against a stronger team and expect good results, so he is stuck battling Clasie for half of the partnership. I definitely see him more as a future replacement for Steven Davis.

Ward-Prowse registered two goals and four assists, and was a productive player on both ends of the pitch this season. He is a bright spot for England and Southampton for years to come, and we could see more of JWP next season.


SMM Summary: Finally putting in a free-kick was a huge highlight for JWP's season, and he added four assists and another goal to that. He had a good season, but was unfortunately limited in playing-time this season. For such a talented young player, quite like Harrison Reed, the key to development is more playing-time and experience with the first team. Less substitutions, and more starts, are key for Ward-Prowse next season and his productivity. He needs to find a permanent position and own it.