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End of Season Player Review: Steven Davis

An already solid season for Davis was capped off by one great stretch to end the year.

Steven Davis is, to use a term used a lot here in the states, a workhorse. The man might not always play at a top level, he might not assist and score goals all season, but he never stops running, and he never stops working around the pitch.

Steven Davis is one of those guys that is vastly underrated, because his production on the field is far more than scoring goals and registering assists. One of my favorite things about Steven Davis is his consistency with passing, and never having catastrophic mistakes that leads to opposition goals.

For a while there, I really didn't like Steven Davis shooting at all. Then he started to be a little more aggressive in attack, as talk ramped up about Saints needing a true attacking midfielder next season.

The final three games saw Davis score three goals, two of those coming against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane where Saints beat Spurs 2-1 in a must-win match.  Davis played far more advanced than normal, and had some of his best games with the rest of the team in the final seven or eight games of the season.

Steven Davis is a good player, and will once again be a key for Saints next season. And who knows? Maybe this final form to end his season, coupled with some EURO's magic, could see an even more improved player next season, with Southampton needing quality play and leadership to take them through Europe.


SMM Summary: Mr. Consistent. Steven Davis has been a true leader, and a great player for the Saints in the past few years. He's getting better too, and next season has the potential to be his best. We like Steven Davis and his next couple of seasons ahead, and I see him developing into a true club legend.