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End of Season Player Review: Jay Rodriguez

Another tough season for the Englishman, can he ever get back to his form from years past?

Pete Norton/Getty Images

It pains me that I've never seen the best Jay Rodriguez has to offer. Becoming a fan before the 2014-2015 season, I knew about Jay Rodriguez and how good he was, but due to injuries, I've never seen it, and that sucks. In 16 appearances, Jay scored three goals. 5 of those 16 appearances were starts, with the others coming late in games off the bench.

Rodriguez, who is 26 like Austin, may be in the same boat in reference to needing a full pre-season with the new manager, and then who knows? Maybe he gets going. I don't believe he has just lost his talent, but just hasn't been 100% still. He can still be like a new signing next season if he's 100% fit and ready to play.

He didn't look good last season, but once again, I think that attributes to the fact that he was never fit, even in the Europa League games. Fact of the matter is that due to depleted depth, we were forced to start Jay Rodriguez, and that started a slipper, injury-filled slope for the forward.

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt this season though. If he can erase the memory of the last two seasons with a strong campaign next year, it could give Saints a massive boost in all competitions.


SMM Summary: An injury-filled season for Rodriguez, he failed to ever really get going unfortunately. We are cautiously optimistic looking forward to next season, as he could easily finally be 100% for the first time in over two years, which could trigger success for not only Rodriguez, but the team as well. Stay tuned.