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Portugal v Poland Match Thread

It's been an dire few days without any action on the football pitch but its back with a bang tonight as two of our boys battle for a semi final place.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

The Portuguese manager finally saw sense in the knock out stages and has decided to start our boys, Cedric and Fonte. It paid immediate dividends with a clean sheet and progress to the quarter finals. Croatia, who were the best team in the group stages, were completely blunted by the new look Portuguese defence. Unable to register a single attempt on target.

I had to literally remove a Croatia shirt from my back when I heard our defenders got the surprise call up in the last round. I find it a struggle to root for a team that features The EgoThe Animal, and just a shit Michael Jackson

Are our boys going to do it tonight? Can they stop the world's finest pure striker Lewandowski?

More importantly, Claude Puel has been on the cards for a few weeks now. What are everyone's thoughts?

Happy with Les Reed and the reliance he put on the academy when discussing the appointment?

Kick off is at 8PM GMT, 3PM eastern.

Available on ITV in the UK and ESPN in the US.

Get involved in the comments below.