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End of Season Player Review: Jordy Clasie

It took awhile, but Jordy Clasie began his transformation in to a top player at the club.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Replacing Morgan Schneiderlin was always going to be tough, and at the beginning of his season, Jordy Clasie didn't look like the guy. Injuries kept Clasie off the pace early, and his didn't do him any favors in adapting to the rough English style of play, but he found his way.

In 22 games, Clasie had no goals and no assists, which isn't awful for a defensive midfielder. He was good with his tackles, and by far less aggressive compared to his two counterparts, Oriol Romeu and Victor Wanyama. He completed passes at an 82% clip and was quite the creative mind in the back part of the midfield.

He wasn't great, and he wasn't Morgan Schneiderlin. He was, however, a solid player who rarely made mistakes. I think after a full season, and now a full offseason, you could see the Dutchman emerge as a top player, and finally fill the shoes of Morgan Schneiderlin.

Occasionally, we got to see a Jordy Clasie/Oriol Romeu partnership, a partnership that I believe is the future of the club, as soon as next season. It will be a strong defensive midfield pairing, with Romeu filling in the shoes of Wanyama in being the strength and hard-tackling player, while Clasie will be a quality creative player with the ball, finding ways to get attacks going.

With Ronald Koeman being a big reason for Clasie's arrival, I do worry that he may be more comfortable elsewhere, but that remains to be decided, so we'll see. As for now, Jordy Clasie is the future of the club.


SMM SUMMARY: Clasie took a bit to get his footing in the league and on the team, but a consensus amongst our writers is that Jordy will be a HUGE player for us next season, and for the future. He will be a good replacement for Schneiderlin, and was this season, but it'll just take some time. A bit more development and the media will link him away in no time.