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End of Season Player Review: Victor Wanyama

From being benched and hated by many fans to winning the praise back by many, let's look at big Vic's season.

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

It was a bit of a rollercoaster season for Victor Wanyama. Benched early in the season because his head was elsewhere, Ronald Koeman pleaded with the Kenyan to follow in Morgan Schneiderlin's shoes and stay one more season and fight it out. He did, and after that ordeal early on, Victor played brilliantly.

Like I said, it was a bad start for Wanyama. Losing the favor of Saints fans after he put in a transfer request, he was then benched to clear his mind. He had problems with the rest of the team in terms of form and productivity early on, but erased those problems after the Christmas period and certainly made up for it.

There were times early on when I even called for Oriol Romeu to start over the Kenyan, but he proved his worth later on in the season. Some Southampton fans don't like to admit it, but Victor Wanyama is a huge part of our success. His strength in the midfield is top-notch, his passing isn't terrible, but his creativity does lack a bit.

What lacks in his attacking-game, he makes up for it in defense. Clever tackles, good at making decisions, although he does have the occasional, several, red cards. The red cards are Vic's biggest issue, and it hurt a few matches throughout the season, whether he was sent off that game or missing due to suspension. He even missed five straight games later in the season.

Saints will miss Wanyama next season, should he leave. He is a top player, and I hope that he was able to challenge and teach Oriol Romeu a few things before he left.


SMM Summary: A guarantee to leave this off-season, Wanyama was a good player on the field. If it wasn't for his early problems off the field, he'd be loved throughout the fanbase. Saints will miss him next season regardless, and we hope we have a guy (either Romeu or someone else) to fill in his shoes and be half the player he is.