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Watson proud of "phenomenal" Forster's "meteoric recovery"

Dave Watson says that he's proud of Fraser Forster's "meteoric recovery".

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Southampton's Head of Goalkeeping Dave Watson says that he's still proud of playing a part in Fraser Forster's "meteoric recovery".

Forster suffered a serious knee injury in March 2015 and made his return to first team action in January of this year. After he returned from his layoff, the England international remained unbeaten for a club-record 708 minutes and sparked a revival in the Saints' form

Watson, who today signed a new contract with the club, played a big part in bringing Forster from Celtic to St. Mary's two years ago and remains proud of the work done by those involved in the 'keepers recovery.

"The work done behind the scenes, in terms of the medical department, the sport science department, the strength and conditioning department, these guys worked a phenomenal amount of hours on that individual basis with Fraser.

"My job then was to finish that off and get him back over the finishing line and ready to play."

Watson, who also works with Forster as England's senior goalkeeping coach, said that Forster's return to football was "phenomenal".

"What he did when he got back, when the team was in a difficult moment in the season, was phenomenal when you’ve been out for that period of time.

"It’s been a meteoric recovery. We’re still really proud of what he’s done to get through that."

Watson also was full of praise for Southampton's former club captain and 'keeper Kelvin Davis, who is now Football Development Executive at the club.

"Kelvin was a really big help to me when I came in two years ago and really helped create that atmosphere in the goalkeeping department.

"I think it’s important that the club has recognised what he’s done for them over the past ten years. The club have shown Kelvin good commitment to give him this role.

"I hope it’s something that pushes him on in the future and gives him a chance to do whatever he feels as though he wants to put back into the game."