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Five things we learned from Southampton vs. Watford

Southampton drew 1-1 with Watford, you know that. But what else did we learn from Saturday's opener?

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Unfortunately, the #SaintsFC Twitter feed is often full of annoying, meltdown-minded fans who will complain about anything at any moment. However, the constructive ones, typically our own beautiful followers, are able to chat with us about things we need, things we learned, and things that should be down in order for Southampton to progress.

So what did we learn this weekend? Here are five things....

The Team Needs Time To Gel

What a rough, ugly start on Saturday it was for Saints. Turnovers, no movement in the middle, long-balls to no one were among the several mistakes made in the first half. But that's not to say there weren't bright spots in the tactics, and the players.

Jumping on players like James Ward-Prowse or Steven Davis because, although they played a bad game, they are still getting used to a completely new formation with a new manager who has new ideas. Crazy, right?

Puel will still have to work on which players work best in Premier League action, and he'll have to develop himself as a manager too. This team has talent, but it'll take a bit longer for them all to be prepared and up to top-10 standards.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg Will Be A Star

It wasn't until Hojbjerg came on when we began to see the Southampton we'd hoped for. Hojbjerg completely bossed the midfield, and bossed Watford too. He took control, helping facilitate passing, and went 43/43 on passes. That's 100%, if you didn't know.

The team looked so much more comfortable with Hojbjerg, and that makes him a must-start for the game against Manchester United, if he wasn't already.

For Now, Jeremy Pied is Saints' Best Right-Back

Putting it nicely, Cedric was very poor on Saturday in the first half, as most were. Cedric was subbed off for Pied late in the match, and Pied made the most of it. Pied, of course, has the luxury of having already played under Puel and understanding his system, which is why for now, he should start while Cedric develops.

Pied sent in better crosses, and linked up a lot better down that right side throughout his time on the pitch. So, until Cedric develops and gets used to the system, Jeremy Pied should probably be the starter for now.

The Hate For Maya Yoshida Will Never Stop

When Maya Yoshida's name comes up on the team sheet, you can hear a collective groan come from St. Mary's, but why? Does anyone actually have a valid reason to dislike Maya Yoshida? He's a consistent leader, works hard for the team (which fans literally beg for), and really doesn't make any more mistakes than anyone else.

He hardly put a foot wrong on Saturday, made one mistake which turned out to be nothing, and had a few brilliant clearances.

It always amazes me that the same fans calling for player loyalty, and players that give 100% for the crest, consistently are the ones hating on Maya Yoshida. He's not meant to be a starter, but when given game-time, I always wonder why others are on his case constantly.

Oriol Romeu Needs Time Too

Oriol will have to tone down his aggressiveness a bit this season, as he is the lone anchor in midfield. Last season, he had the luxury of a Jordy Clasie or Victor Wanyama next to him where he could play higher up and try to snuff out a counter-attack.

A couple of times in the Watford match, Oriol found himself running after the player with the ball after being nutmegged on a challenge. Missing a challenge like that, where the ball-handler can then roam free in midfield against the back-four, will be deadly against a stronger side.

So what are your thoughts? What did you learn from Saturday's draw against Watford?