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St. Mary's Musings Fantasy Football update: Gameweek 1

This writer hasn't had the best of weeks compared to you lot.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Unless you've been living under a rock, you would've have noticed that Premier League football and, more importantly, Southampton are back in our lives. Properly, anyway.

That also means Fantasy Football is back. Last week, St. Mary's Musings invited all our lovely followers to join our Fantasy league so we can compare how good/bad our footballing knowledge is. 

We shall be charting the progress of the league each gameweek, so here is the first edition of this regular feature. If your name/team name is mentioned, please give us a shout in the comments below.

As you can see, congratulations are in order for Alfie Montague, whose superbly-named "Very Fat FC" team gathered 80 points in thanks to big points from Southampton's Nathan Redmond, Philippe Coutinho, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Sergio Aguero. It may only be one game into the season, but "Alfie", if that's his real name, is ranked 3,560th in the world after last week's effort.

Down in 39th, both yours truly and Robert Molnar are tied on 55 points and are the highest placing St. Mary's Musings writers so far. Meanwhile, Here are how the other Musers fared: Dan Vaughan (66th on 49 points), David Williams (92nd on 44 points), George Galpin (107th on 40 points), Allen Gunn and Dan Noutch (117th on 38 points), Blaise Bourgeois (127th on 34 points) and - last, but not least - Tommy Scott, our fantastic Twitterer and article writerer is bringing it up the rear in 136th on a paltry 31 points.

I know I'm cursing myself by talking trash about low points this early in the season.

Still, a big shout out to Patrick Shea and his team named "Don't You Fonte Baby", who are dead last with just 20 points this gameweek - placing him 153rd in our league and 2,984,857th in the world.

Another shout out goes to Conor Smith who has my favourite team name in "Puel Runnings."


St. Mary's Musings Fantasy Draft:

In a seasons of firsts, this blog also ran its own Fantasy Draft, where us writers got to select different Saints players in order. Read our poor reasoning for picking Florin Gardos and others out of desperation here. Spoiler alert: most of the reasoning is inane nonsense beyond the first six picks.

After the first gameweek, the scores are as follows:

David: 12

George: 6

Dan and Jake: 4

Tommy: 3

Paul: 2

Not the most inspiring of starts from us. David wanted me to say, and I quote, "David is a genius for picking him [Nathan Redmond]". Is it bad to want a new Saints signing to not succeed? Don't make me feel this way, David.