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McCarthy helps Walsall to an opening day victory

A look at the young saint's beautiful assist from Saturday

Former saints under 21s captain Jason McCarthy is on loan with Walsall in league one this year. He impressed in league two last season and will be hoping to learn more as he climbs the ladder towards the premier league.

This offseason it looks like he may have honed his playmaking skills. He produced a quite majestic assist to help put his new side two nil up in their home opener on Saturday.

It's quite difficult to appreciate the brilliance of this masterful play at full speed so lets break it down.


1//It begins, as all decent free kicks do, with the taker having his right hand in the air. This is the international sign to communicate "lets have a goal here lads".


2// As the ball is whipped in our hero watches on at the edge of the 6 yard box. His job as a decoy in the first phase of play is complete. The next part of the plan is for the Wimbledon number 30 to royally shit the bed. He executes it perfectly.


3// James O'Connor, the heavy, has done his job tapping the ball across the 6 yard box and Jason has beat his man. Showing the strength and determination the Wycombe Wanderers came to love last season.


4//The moment of glory, a debut goal at a packed out Bescot...


5//Oh crap.


6//Double crap. Not only has he scuffed the open goal, he also has managed to block the defender's clearance that was headed goal bound.


7//Never fear, the Chinese use the same word for crisis and opportunity and Jason knows this. Quick thinking has lead to McCarthy giving a flick of his heel and the ball is on a plate for Simeon Jackson.


8//All that is left to do now is get the hell out of the way.


9//Textbook evasion technique from the young saint. It took hundreds of hours of hard work at Staplewood to perfect that.


10//All that's left is to pick yourself up off the ground Jason and receive the adulation of your teammates.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming prospect ranking series on this site. As well as an increased focus on the trials and tribulations of our youngsters as Claude Puel looks to reinstate the youth pathway to the first team.