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Southampton Spend $57.9 Million in Transfer Window

For all of the commotion about Southampton not spending enough, the final results are in and Saints spent the 12th most in the Premier League, while also being one of only three clubs with a positive net-spend.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Thanks to this article, from NBC Sports, we've seen the final figures of transfer money either in or out from each Premier League club. Now, this news I am going to tell you may not surprise you, but Southampton have made the most money during this transfer window based on comings and goings.

Southampton spent $57.9 million on transfers this window, and finished with the highest net-spend total, with +$26.7 million. That money spent puts them in 12th, behind the likes of the "big clubs" and Everton.

The only other two clubs to have a positive net spend were Everton, and Swansea City, who some have pinned for relegation this season. I do find it interesting that after the rumors of a massive transfer kitty, Everton only spent $3 million more than Saints, but we won't get into that.

However, this article doesn't mention the fact that Saints used much of the money on new contracts and pay-rises to several top players at the club, including the likes of Ryan Bertrand and Fraser Forster.

So, overall, Saints signed several good players, re-signed several others, and lost two, arguably three, important players to last year's squad, all while bagging over probably $10 million, once all is said and done, in the process.