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Fantasy Football update: Gameweek 4

Puel's men have been haven't exactly set the fantasy world alight so far this season. Is it time to start thinking about dropping your saints?

Arsenal v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

When Virgil Van Dijk placed the ball down inside the Arsenal D at the emirates on Saturday he was trying to contemplate just how to beat the wall and the giant Czech guarding the goal from such a short distance. Tadic had finished his dummy wind up run, the whistle is blown and those plans were cut short. The crazy Serb to his right had nicked his free kick.

Luckily, Tadic is a genius. He had figured out that if he got the right angle off the bar he could ricochet the ball off Cech's sizeable back. Unfortunately for fantasy owners you only get three points for an assist and not the five a midfield goal would have earned.

Fantasy football is all about goals. Unfortunately our boys aren't scoring enough of them. I had Tadic on my bench. He was sat next to two others Southampton players. With the team misfiring I can't justify starting any of them away at a champions league side. Enough about my team though. I currently sit 88th in our league. Here are the big hitters in our corner of the official premier league fantasy game.

Fantasy Football Week Four

Tom Fisher is our new leader after a 60 point week. Firmino, Benteke, Antonio and Ibrahimovic the goalscorers for him this week. He has just the two saints in his squad Redmond and Van Dijk. A collective boo from all here at the musings for being clever and not having a full allotment of Southampton players.

Quick shout out to Nicholas Simpson for having my favourite name in the whole league. "Why not Hojbjerg?" had a decent week too. 65 points. Shame about the previous weeks though. Wildcard already played and languishing down in 115 position out of 165 players.

Meanwhile, Here are how the other Musers fared: Tommy Scott (29th on 200 points), Blaise Bourgeois (82nd on 178 pts), Yours Truly (88th on 173 pts), George Galpin (96th on 171pts), Jake Hughes (126th on 156 pts), Allen Gunn (128th on 154pts) and finally in 130th with 153 points is Dan Noutch. Fair play to Tommy and Blaise, the Yanks were bottom of the writers sub division after the first week.

Sitting in 165th position is Brad Stern whose team Channel Swimmers 7 currently have 79 points. This despite a decent 37 points in game week four. Closer inspection shows he made 16 transfers at a cost of 60 points during the international break. A risky tactic that hasn't paid off just yet! Still 34 weeks to go!

I mentioned earlier that Southampton players aren't exactly hot property in the fantasy football world. Which brings us to:

The St. Mary's Musings Fantasy Draft:

In pre-season this blog also ran its own Fantasy Draft, where us writers got to select different Saints players in order. Read our poor reasoning for picking Florin Gardos and others out of desperation here.

Here are the standings:

David: 28

Jake: 23

Tommy: 21

George: 17

Paul: 10

Dan: 7

Redmond, Tadic, Romeu and J.Rod are the only players to break double figures thus far. When the diamond starts to sparkle it'll be all change in this league. Dan sitting in last gets first pick of the signings made between the start of the season and the closing of the transfer window. He selects Sofiane Boufal. It remains to be seen whether Paul Johnson will take up his option on perennial 3rd choice goalkeeper Stuart Taylor.