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Krueger "upset" by English football corruption

Southampton Chairman Ralph Krueger says that he's "upset" by the corruption that has been uncovered in English football.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Ralph Krueger says that he and the rest of the Southampton board are "upset" by the corruption uncovered in English football.

The Daily Telegraph's investigation has uncovered corruption in English football which led to the resignation of Sam Allardyce just 67 days into his job as manager of the national side.

Krueger, who is currently absent from Southampton due to being Head Coach of Team Europe at the World Cup of Hockey, says that the entire Southampton board is "shocked and upset".

The Saints chairman told ESPN: "I have to tell you, really, absolutely shocked and shuddered.

"Our whole board is shocked and upset by it. We've been a club that's been driving, wanting to get control of the evolving agent world around us and we believe we're going to have ears now.

"I wouldn't say we're so naive to believe that this didn't exist, but we did think it wasn't part of our English football culture."

When Krueger returns to Southampton, he says that fighting for more regulation will be his top priority.

"Southampton is built on a completely honest and open culture and on values.

"The reason I took the job was the unbelievable value structure and foundation of our owner, Katharina Liebherr... That's why I embraced this, was to be able to lead and be the de facto owner of an organization where it was driven by culture. So we're extremely upset by this."

"We're going to use this, for sure, as a club, to fight for change and to fight for more regulation. We are all for regulation, and we are one of the most disciplined clubs in English football in terms of the way we deal with agents and youth academy players.

"We will react for sure. It's going to become a major thing for me when I get back. Absolutely top of the agenda."