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Prediction League: A trip to Wales

Tonight we play Swansea but it's transfer deadline day and WHERE ARE OUR BLOODY CENTRAL DEFENDING REINFORCEMENTS!

Southampton v Arsenal - The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

It's not been just over a week since Jose Fonte left and that was quickly followed by a injury to his successor, the mighty Virgil Van Dijk. A depressingly predictable sequence of events that left us with three not so dependable options in the heart of our defence.

Tonight's game at Swansea offers a chance for all saints fans to take a step back and gain a sense of perspective about the club's squad and current standing in the football world.

A few years ago Swansea used to be the poster boys for other aspiring premier league clubs to look to. A meteoric rise through the divisions after almost ceasing to exist a decade ago. A club with a philosophy. A team that played football the right way and prospered despite selling plenty of talent. A prime example of a well run club.

Sound familiar? It's a bit like the current status Southampton are enjoying.

A good reputation can take years to build but only a fraction of that time to destroy. And for today's hosts the downward turn in their fortunes started when Americans invested in the club. The new owners had their own way of doing things and the Swansea way has been somewhat lost.

Already on their third manager this season, Swansea's predicament could be a glimpse into our future depending on how serious Lander Sports Group are about continuing the Liebherr legacy.

For now the pros and cons of the potential Chinese investment are completely unknowable, so lets just enjoy the genius that is Les Reed and have faith in whomever it is that gets signed up tonight.

Oh, and three points would be nice too.


Lawro: 2-0

This is their first game since their impressive victory over Liverpool at Anfield.

That is exactly the kind of result a team needs to kick on and I am backing Paul Clement's side to win this game too. There could be some light at the end of the tunnel for them.

Merse: 2-1

I have no idea what Claude Puel was thinking making 10 changes against Arsenal in the FA Cup.

(It's simple physiology Paul, we have played too many games and picked up too many injuries)

Puel needs to apologise to those kids for letting them get roasted like that, it was terrible. It doesn't bode well ahead of the trip to the Liberty.

Will: 1-3

I was going to predict a home win but after reading the pundits' thoughts and flawed logic I'll plump for a saints victory.

Allen: 0-2

Though probably the most difficult to predict as Swansea are likewise difficult to predict.

Daniel: 2-2

We should win, but we have injuries and a draw would be very saints!

Jake: 1-2

Swansea's porous defence means we score, but I'm sure Llorente will scare the shit out of ours.

George: 1-2

Feel they're a lot more solid under Clement, but we seem a bit more confident going forward, Saturday not included.