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Southampton winger Dusan Tadic feels 'disrepected' by Claude Puel

Serbian international Dusan Tadic was not best pleased after being substituted against Tottenham on Sunday

Sunderland v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Southampton winger Dusan Tadic was left seething after being substituted against Tottenham by manager Claude Puel, according to The Sun.

Tadic has now been substituted in five consecutive matches, something he believes to be a sign of disrespect from Puel—though the quotes provided by The Sun do not seem to have a source. Given it's The Sun, you'd be forgiven for taking a pinch of salt with the below.

The Serbia international reportedly said: “It’s unbelievable that I was subbed again and we also lost. You can see statistically that we concede or lose when I’ve been taken off. I don’t think this shows enough respect for me.

“This has happened a lot after my broken nose. The injury was a long time ago. I’m playing a lot and feel I’m important for the team — but then I leave the pitch. I feel good but he doesn’t want to give me the chance for the whole match.

“Maybe he decided before the game he would sub me and he should not do that. He should know in the last 20 minutes there are lots of spaces and I am the kind of player that can make a difference with one move."

[ed. note—the below is only applicable IF these quotes are genuine and The Sun haven't fabricated news... I know.]

Though I have finally warmed to Tadic this season—his performances seemingly more consistent without having former coach Ronald Koeman breathing down his neck—facts state Tadic has only created 18 chances in 15 league games since mid-October [H/T F365].

And that's not mentioning the fact he visibly loses interest if the game doesn't go his way, squanders plenty of chances, and is one of the slowest wingers going.

If you're looking to shore up your defence to secure a lead or inject some life into your attack with time ticking away, Tadic isn't the man you need on the pitch in either scenario.

Suck it up, Dusan. If that was you saying that, anyway.