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Telling response from Saints fans as Southampton announce 2017/18 season ticket information

Should Southampton do more to reward loyal fans renewing their season tickets?

Southampton v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

As a Southampton season ticket holder, I had mixed feelings when the club announced its details of season ticket prices for the upcoming 2017/18 Premier League campaign (yes, I am assuming we won't be getting relegated this season).

There are some positives for sure. There is a new family area in the Itchen South which will provide cheaper tickets and a better, friendly atmosphere for budding Saints fans to fall in love with the club.

In addition, the news of frozen ticket prices is largely positive, though people will rightly point out the club has come into a lot of TV money and there should have been a proper revamp of ticket pricing as last season came to a close.

However, the biggest change is the fact those buying season tickets for the first time will get theirs at the same price of those who are renewing.

This is new. Up until now, season ticket renewals were always cheaper than buying one for the first time. Rightfully, some people are annoyed by this change, while others are totally apathetic about it all.

Of the 123 Saints fans polled, 70% believe loyalty should be rewarded and those renewing tickets should pay less than a first-time buyer. Though, the below response is typical and something the club most likely thought would be the general feeling.

Others are less pleased:

Judging by social media (which is always dodgy territory), most fans seemed annoyed at the changes, but will ultimately renew their season tickets anyway.

Saints fans such as @TheUnknownAbyss say this move will be beneficial in helping the club bring in more fans to St. Mary's.

But the overriding sense I have is that those renewing season tickets should do so at a discounted price as was always the case before.